About Us

We dedicate ourselves by providing the most innovative and latest devices to help loose those pounds. Established in 2012, we have treated 1000’s with our ultrasound frequency.

We all wish to ‘look good’ and we know when we do we ‘feel good’. We know that a balanced diet and exercise is good for us, good for the body and ultimately good for the mind. Unfortunately even with a balanced diet and good exercise it is sometimes difficult to reduce fat and tone some more stubborn areas of the body such as the tummy, bottom and arms. This is where the process can help and can really change your body and your life.

Many people come to us having been on yo-yo diets for years and having failed to achieve the results they desire. Diets which leave you feeling hungry and those that stop you from eating the foods you enjoy tend not to work. They make you feel miserable, de-motivated, feeling weak and unable to exercise.

At Slimfit Leicester we totally believe in a healthy lifestyle but appreciate that this alone will not bring you the results you require to ‘Love your Body’. The Slimfit concept of non-invasive lipo-sculpture is a tried and tested technique that with just a few sessions at our clinic can bring you the body of your dreams ‘looking-good and feeling-good’.

  • Fast results, latest revolutionary technology, you will see immediate results
  • Non-invasive treatment – It is painless, there is NO recovery time
  • Permanent reduction of body fat, our treatments work and you will see significant results
  • Additional fat loss in weeks following treatment
  • One treatment session takes only 20 minutes, you can have a treatment in your lunch break!
  • Greatly improved body shape, start to wear the clothes you’ve always wanted to
  • Cost-effective, amazing value treatments
  • A fit body and a fit mind, greatly enhanced confidence and self esteem
  • ‘Love your body’ Have the body you’ve always dreamed of

The Ultrasound cavitation equipment we use is the latest revolutionary technology and developed in conjunction with us over many years research. Ultrasound is sound waves that we finely target to remove the fat from cells permanently from any area of the body. As fat cells can’t multiply once they have been targeted with our machine they will be unable to return, resulting in an immediate fat loss reduction.

The treatment consists of one of our highly trained consultants gliding a probe over the area to be treated, the layer of skin called the epidermis where the fat cells are located. Powerful ultrasound rays penetrate the fat layer causing vibrations and the formation of micro-bubbles within the cell. Basically the fat within the cell turns from a hard state into a liquid state allowing the body to process the fat removal through our bodies’ lymphatic system which carries the fat through the digestive system and the fat is naturally excreted.

This treatment is perfect for targeting particularly stubborn fat areas, such as the tummy, bottom, thighs and arms, resulting in a greatly improved, toned body shape. The treatment is totally safe and non-invasive and uses a similar technology for 3D ultrasound scans of babies in pregnant women. Obviously our treatment is at a much higher frequency than this.

Our rapid treatments have immediate and lasting results which are pain free and can be administered in one of our clinics during your lunch break.

Before and After Pictures!

2014 31 Dec SF male belly before 2014 31dec SF Male belly after


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